Samsung 49″ Curved Full HD Smart TV SAM-UA49K6300

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Discover a new level of TV reality
Samsung FHD TV delivers breathtakingly real and immersive viewing experiences like you’ve never seen before. You’ll see all your favourite TV programs and movies in a whole new light.
Go deeper into your content
Auto Depth Enhancer applies various levels of contrast to different area on the screen to give image outstanding depth. Experience immersive viewing on your TV screen.
Surround your senses
The gentle curve on Samsung’s Curved TV helps you be right in the middle of the action, providing a wider field of view and uniformed viewing distance from your vantage point.
Step up your picture quality to near-FHD
Ultra Clean View analyses your content with an advanced algorithm to filter and reduce noise. Even if the video source is less than Full HD quality, you’ll still be able to enjoy images that rival the FHD standard.*
Quick and Single Access to all Content Sources
New Smart Hub provides single access point to Live TV, Over The Top(OTT), Games and more . Users can access to their favourite content as soon as they turn on the TV.
Enhanced contrast for sharper details
Samsung’s Micro Dimming Pro produces deeper blacks and purer whites to deliver amazing picture clarity and contrast. Experience dramatic viewing for all your entertainment content.
Enjoy enhanced colours and better images
Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer uses a highly advanced algorithm to dramatically improve the image quality, uncovering hidden details and showing you colours as they were intended to be seen.
Easily share your content to TV
Take pictures, videos and music from your mobile and PC to your Smart TV using the Samsung Smart View app. It gives you amazing convergence and easy connectivity, with majority of personal devices .
Faster speeds, stronger performance
The powerful Quad Core Processor speeds up your Samsung Smart TV so it reacts to commands and running apps instantly. It also gives you the speed to enjoy multitasking with the Multi-Link Screen.
Accelerate your Smart TV with Tizen
Tizen takes Smart TV performance to another level with faster boot times and quick access to Live TV and all your apps. It even provides support for popular local VOD apps for optimized TV viewing.
Dive into your video content
Motion Rate 60 offers immersive viewing with flicker-free video content. The amazing refresh rate and backlight technology will keep you at the edge of your seat with fast and seamless video.
Simple and fast wireless connection
The built-in Wireless Lan lets you connect your Smart TV to the internet without the tangle of cables. With the streamlined connections, now you can really enjoy your TV’s outstanding design.
Plug your entertainment into the TV
Using ConnectShare, you can watch a variety of content in one simple step. Just plug your USB or HDD into the TV and enjoy your movies, music, and pictures on the big screen.
Create your own entertainment space
Samsung TVs support HDMI inputs, which lets you create a multimedia entertainment centre in your own living room. Connect HDMI straight into your TV to view various contents from multiple devices.
  1. Muzalifa04
    9 reviews

    Good quality

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 11, 2018

    Sangat jelas, sistem bunyi pun memuaskan. Harga yang berbaloi bila boleh guna untuk surf online sekali. Sangat ringan, senang untuk dibawa apabila berpindah dan dialih apabila bosan dengan kedudukan perabot dalam rumah.

  2. Nor Othman
    1343 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 13, 2017

    this is one of the newer models on the market and first impressions are for the most part positive. I figured to write a review more on certain elements that people may not like about the product itself, but can be replaced for greater convenience. The quality of the picture and sound are excellent for this tv, so anyone looking for a curved model will not be disappointed in their viewing experience. That being said, two things seem to keep this from a 5/5 for me. One is the remote control that comes with the television. I myself can use it perfectly fine, but everyone else in my family cannot. The remote has been streamlined so there are only 13 buttons on it. Certain buttons will bring up more features, but for consumers more used to having every button visually shown on the remote this might become tedious. I will also add that this is a smart tv, so the remote also acts as the mouse/pointer for when you are accessing apps and internet on the television itself. This might have been more effective if the remote was used like a motion sensor, but to actually move the pointer around you have to use the arrow keys for up and down. In other words, the mouse can only move horizontally and vertically at a fairly slow pace. This is a problem that can be worked around however, as you could get another remote, or even set up your phone with the tv, but I figured it was important to tell people about this since it is part of the product they are getting. The second gripe is something you’d only notice if you left an application on when you turned off the television. So when I run the Youtube app for example, I do not exit out of the app and turn off the tv instead; when I turn it back on at a later time I notice the buttons on the remote take a while to respond. I sort of look at it as a load screen when this happens as you can see immediate slow-down when you are trying to navigate the menus and the buttons for the remote even become unresponsive, almost like the screen has frozen. However, if I exit the apps before turning off the tv I do not have this problem. So again, the television has some flaws, but they are issues that can be bypassed. As more time passes I will perhaps update this review, but overall I am satisfied.

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