Safi Balqis White Trilogy Moisturising Day Cream

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SAFI BALQIS White Trilogy Moisturising Day Cream SPF20PA++ brightens skin effectively and ensures skin is protected against UV rays. It also keeps skin moisturised and fresh – for soft, smooth and stress-free complexion, all day long.

SAFI BALQIS White Trilogy with Arbutin, Nano BioWhite and Kiwi formulation, acts through 3 layers of skin* for 10 actions that will leave your skin smooth, radiant & perfectly fair**.

  • Opens up pores
  • Cleanses from within
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Lightens skin
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Retains moisture
  • Softens skin
  • Smoothens skin
  • Skin appears flawless

Result: Skin is perfectly fair, smooth and radiant.

*Through the epidermis
**With continuous usage of the SAFI Balqis White Trilogy range

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    185 reviews


    2 out of 5, reviewed on March 12, 2019

    Honestly, i dont like the texture feeling on my skin. It’s very oily and feel sticky.

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    83 reviews

    Quite oily for me

    3 out of 5, reviewed on August 16, 2017

    I tried using this but only able to finish half jar. It makes my face really oily. I could say the effect can be seen in two weeks which is my skin becomes fairer and radiant. But it does not totally remove acne spot or scar on my face. On the other hand, i like the smell of this product.

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