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Recommended for adult Miniature and Toy Poodles (up to 20 lbs.) over 10 months of age.

A Curly Coat: Protects the skin and curly clipped poodle coat.
The poodle’s very fine, light, and curly coat is a result of its composition, consisting of wooly hairs and 80% secondary hairs. This means that the adult poodle has a coat very similar to that of a puppy, but with a higher hair density. It therefore needs regular clipping.

Poodle 30 protects the poodle’s skin and coat by means of:

  • a balanced combination of sources of omega 6 unsaturated (including borage oil) and omega 3 fatty acids (salmon oil)
  • a supply of the sulfur-containing amino acids L-cystine and methionine
  • a complex of amino acids (histidine) and vitamins (pantothenic acid, nicotinamide, inositol, and choline) to support the effectiveness of the skin barrier

Cognitive Function: Maintain lasting cognitive function.

The poodle (especially the miniature and toy) is one of the dog breeds with the longest life expectancy (15 years on average). The last third of a poodle’s life is a sensitive period, when cognitive capacities may begin to deteriorate. An alert mind and joy of life will preserve well-being and happiness for both the poodle and the owner.

Poodle 30 supports cognitive functioning by means of an antioxidant energy-providing complex (vitamins E and C, taurine, and lutein) that has a protective effect against cell degeneration.

Vision: Preserve visual faculties.

With cataracts, the eye lens becomes opaque, so that the eye has a greyish-blue appearance. When the cataract affects both eyes, sight is severely damaged and there may even be complete blindness. This is a very common disease in dogs aged over ten years, but the poodle seems to be particularly prone to cataract development.

Poodle 30 includes lutein and zeaxanthine, powerful antioxidants that combat cellular oxidation.

Tartar Reduction: For optimal dental hygiene.

Because the poodle has small delicate jaws, it has increased mouth and tooth sensitivity related to dental plaque deposits and tartar formation. This results in an inflammation of the gums, or even loosening of the teeth. Moreover, because poodles are long-lived, dental plaque deposition accentuates with age.

Tartar Reduction is an innovation that helps bucco-dental hygiene. Poodle 30 kibbles have this benefit–their texture has been specially designed to produce a brushing effect, reducing dental plaque formation. Their formula also includes captors, which by fixing the calcium present in the saliva, slow tartar development.

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