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Extracted from a perennial woody shrub, jojoba oil has its own history as a healing as well as beautifying
oil that has dated back to hundreds of years ago. It has been known for its soothing, moisturising
properties and does not clog the pores like some other heavier oils. Ronella Jojoba Oil harnesses all
the beneficial properties of this timeless oil in every bottle, delivering its natural benefits as a light and
versatile carrier oil. On its own, it is useful for wound treating, improving blood circulation, moisturising
as well as a hair-growth aid. As a carrier oil, it can be used with any Ronella essential oil for added
benefits and superior absorption for better, quicker results. Ronella Jojoba Oil is USDA certified as
organic and has won the hearts of consumers nationwide for not only its properties, but its value as
well as consumer appeal


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