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While many of the supplement available on the shelf are more on fish oil, omega oil, salmon oil, or even Vitamin E, Squalene AKG comes in a very different approach. As the name suggest, it is not fish oil. So what is Squalene AKG? To introduce this product, we need to start by introducing it historically:!

In fact the history of Squalene goes back to the last century, where it was researched extensively in Japan. Even earlier, there are records of its use in Chinese and Japanese medicine four or five hundred years ago. Parallel records can be found in the folklore of Scandinavia, Spain and Micronesia. The ancient and revered medical plants, amaranth and olive, have some concentrations of Squalene.

What is Squalene?

Squalene is an isoprenoid hydrocarbon with six isoprene units. It is produced in mammal’s bodies and also found in nature. Many antioxidants are either isoprenoids or have an isoprenoid tail. Vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene and flavonoids are all isoprenoids. Isoprenoids are found abundantly in nature, but biologists are mainly interested in studying the few, including squalene and lycopene, that have extraordinary antioxidant properties.

Since squalene is a pure isoprenoid, containing only isoprene units, it has an effective and stable antioxidant configuration. Squalene is considered by many to be the most powerful and stable of the isoprenoids.

IMMUNE RESPONSE Experimental studies have shown that squalene-supplemented diets lead to increased performance of the immune system. Laboratory studies have confirmed that squalene enhances the function of macrophages. Evidence suggests that the immune cell’s biomembrane is protected against oxidative stress by squalene during phagocytosis. Squalene exhibits anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Benefits of squalene include:

  • Increased stamina and energy.
  • Improved digestive health due to the increased production of bile acids.
  • Balancing of hormone levels through its involvement in the production of steroid hormones, resulting in increased fertility.
  • Improved action of a number of pharmaceutical drugs, to the extent that lower doses achieve the same results.
  • Minimisation of the side-effects of drugs through its detoxifying action.
  • Improved and facilitated healing of damaged articulation cartilages, therefore useful in cases of osteoarthrosis and injuries.
  • Vibrant fur and skin through squalene’s ability to rejuvenate and activate cells.
  • Beneficial effects on various eye disorders.

Vitamin E and Squalene AKG

While we are informed on the usefulness of viramin E in repairing cells and promoting better immune system, Vitamin E has it drawback which are further enhance by squalene.

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