Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer TK-AS65-ZMA

Product Details

  • Output Water Volume (flow of water produced): 1.2 L/min. (at 100 kPa water pressure)
  • Output Water Volume (flow of water produced): 2.5 L/min. (at 200 kPa water pressure)
  • Electrolysis Capability Selection Alkaline: 4 levels; weak acidic: 2 levels
  • Continuous Operation Capability: Approx. 30 minutes at room temperature (approx. 10 minutes for Stronger at Alkaline 3 (Drinking water in daily life), Alkaline 4 capability (Strongly Alkaline), Weak Acidic) (Note 2)
  • Electrolyzer Life Approx. 850 hours cumulative (ion water production time, cleaning time only)
  • Electrolytic Cleaning: Auto cleaning method (cleaning time: approx. 35 seconds, waste water drain time: approx. 15 seconds)
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