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Al Care – smart technology and healthy living at its best

  • The most immersive massage experience comes from the all-new OGAWA Master Drive Al 2.0. It is not just a massage chair. It is your personal health assistant. OGAWA Master Drive Al 2.0 boasts advanced artificial intelligence features: Face Recognition, Health Tracker and Scanner, and Al Powered Automated Analyst that give new meaning to massage experience and health management so that you can enjoy life while staying aware your state of wellbeing.

Al Technology, Intelligent Living

  • It’s time to get personal. The all-new OGAWA Master Drive Al 2.0 is packed with algorithm solutions while an Al brain that is able to think and learn through collecting information from the cloud and processes to customize your very own massage.

Health Tracker and ScannerTM Technology

  • The innovative OGAWA Health Tracker and ScannerTM technology is a closed-loop therapeutic system that ties real-time detection, analysis and massage recommendation with personalized programme delivery through a host of smart technologies from trackers, health management cloud, Al-Powered Automated Analyst and massage programme personalisation based on your body’s unique needs. Making every massage session unique. The Al Massage Robot is equipped with Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor and Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) sensor. GSR sensor accurately captures information of our body-load through skin contact to locate fatigue points, and SpO2 sensor assesses vital signs including heart rate and blood oxygen level. So that Master Drive Al 2.0 is able to customize the best suitable massage programme for the user by utilizing these personalized health profile and data.

Al – Powered Automated Analyst

  • The Master Drive Al 2.0 has up to 5184 massage combinations to provide health solutions. The brain behind is the smart Al-Powered Automated Analyst that uses algorithms to manage masses of data and program a list of recommended solutions that precisely targeted at your problem, while you enjoy the best comfort and relaxation on your massage chair. The Al-Powered Automated Analyst is there to give you the best for every massage session at the touch of a button – it’s individual, personal and fast.

Get more done with Your Al Assistant

  • “Hey OGAWA, now we’re talking!” The OGAWA AI Personal Assistant enables direct communication with your massage chair. It knows you, gets better every day and manages your health needs. It constantly learns everything about your health profile and navigates the best massage solution to you.

(A) Face Recognition

  • It recognizes people. Just scan your face, you can get started and access to your personal profile instantly.

(B) Voice Command Control

  • Massage chair does what you tell it to! Just voice. You can quickly access your chair’s most used settings even without using the controller. It speaks English, Chinese and Cantonese.

Forward Thinking For A Refined Performance

  • M.6 GEN encompasses an array of key technological advancements that synergize to output impressively responsive and high accuracy humanized massages.

6th generation microprocessor

  • With control accuracy and increased computing capability, it is able to deliver, process and coordinate each command faster and accurately through the central command and core drive. Thus, the 4D mode for a multi-dimensional massage experience is achieved.

Brushless DC Motor

  • Say goodbye to traditional brush motors. OGAWA is the industry’s first to suit brushless DC motor in massage chair to maximize data computing performance and analytics in fractions of a second. This not only elevates the massage precision to a new level, but also offers a more humanlike experience.

Brush Motor vs Brushless Motor

  •  Durability increased by 100%
  • Torque efficiency increased by 35%
  • Motor size compacted by 60%
  • Motor weight is 58% lighter

Al Precision Sensors

Technology to the point with eyes all around you. Like an extra set of eyes, the precision sensors are dynamically integrated for the greatest accuracy, richer human-touch massage experience and more speed ranges.

  • Speed sensor – For more accurate massage positioning
  • Temperature sensor – For the optimum temperature for massage therapy
  • Position sensor – For more accurate acupressure point targeting



  • Newly upgraded reflexology technology – massage rollers with positioning detector that capable to accurately target at the acupressure points, giving holistic relief to your foot and sole.
  • Highest degree of comfort from head-to-toe
  • Immerse yourself in a true oasis of comfort with the exclusive 3D Calf, Knee and Food Massage with Heat Therapy.


  • Combination of airbags and heat therapy targeting at knee joints, effectively to help regulate blood circulation and liver function, as well as to relieve gastric and bloating function.


  • The energizing calf pressure massage
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