Off! Insect Repellant Aerosol Spray 170g

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Off! mosquito repellent spray provides 6 hours protection from mosquitoes , making it a perfect choice for outdoor activities such as camping, jogging, jungle trekking and gardening.
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    sesuai untuk indoor.

    2 out of 5, reviewed on October 8, 2020

    Menghalang gigitan nyamuk tapi hanya untuk seketika.

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    insect repellent aerosol spray

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 27, 2017

    This Off! Liquid Mosquito Repellent has two sizes, a big bottle and a medium bottle. I choose this medium bottle as it is easy to travel use. Either indoor or outdoor also need this because mosquitoes can be anywhere.
    Just spray on legs or body as it can last up to two hours.
    Stated can also can be use spray on hand then apply on face.
    Avoid the eyes area.
    Easy to use as it is spray type, can be purchase at pharmacies or hypermarket.
    I am using this not just on myself but for my kids too.

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