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It’s easy to neglect your health when your day is jam-packed with work, assignment, duties, etc. It would be great if you can ensure you get the nutrients that your body needs even when you’re on the go and with NUREOX Grain it’s possible. It’s made with a combination of modern wheat and ancient grains for optimal nutrients, and you can have it anytime in a cup. NUREOX Grain contains fibre, vitamin, protein, iron and it is free from trans fat. The premix supplement drink also includes the goodness of wheatgrass which is high in chlorophyll, essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. With NUREOX Grain, staying healthy is no longer a hassle and everyone can enjoy it. It offers you a simple and easy way to improve your  overall health and strengthen your immunity so that you can have a more fulfilling and active life.

健康就是你我最大的本钱,忙碌的生活、工作等等让你容易忽视了身体的健康……其实越是忙碌的生活,越是要懂得维持自己的健康!NUREOX GRAIN 上古谷粮特别为忙绿的大马人研制,一杯就能补充身体一天所需的营养,完美迎合忙碌的现代人对营养和能量的需求。
NUREOX GRAIN 上古谷粮结合了现代谷粮与上古谷粮,提供更丰富的营养成份,绝对是大马人首选的营养饮料,随时随地喝上一杯即可补充您的营养所需。此外,它不含反式脂肪,具有丰富的纤维素、维他命及蛋白质,同时还提供高含量的铁质。其中一个主要的成分:小麦草,富含叶绿素和必需维生素、矿物质和膳食纤维。饮用NUREOX GRAIN 上古谷粮,守护您的健康再也不用操心,为您提供一种既简单又容易的方法来改善您的整体健康、增强人体免疫力,让您过上更充实、积极的生活。

  1. Fyza Dani
    46 reviews

    Bagus untuk diet dan banyak khasiatnya

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 7, 2019

    Saya sangat sukakan minuman ini kerana baik untuk saya dan suami.Dapat memberikan kebaikan kerana terkandung dengan pelbagai nutrisi.Saya suka minum di waktu pagi kerana sangat mengenyangkan dan menyelerakan.Menurunkan paras kalestrol dan sistem penghadaman bagus.

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