Mission Mini Wraps

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The all-new Mission Mini Wraps are Malaysia’s first kid-friendly sized wraps. The wraps are smaller to suit little appetites and perfect for little fingers to handle and hold, they are also low in sugar, and a source of dietary fibre – just what mums want and kids need!

Mission Original Mini Wraps

Mission Original Mini Wraps are the perfect canvas for your kids to start creating using all their favourite ingredients. It is the perfect go-to for meals and everything in between as they go well with any fillings or toppings. They’re a great way to get your kids started in the kitchen, as it’s never too young to learn.

The soft and fluffy Mission Original Mini Wraps contain 8 pieces, are 5.75″ in size and come in a resealable pack.

Mission Wholemeal Mini Wraps Mission

Wholemeal Mini Wraps are not only perfect for little fingers, the right portion for small bellies, they’re also a source of dietary fibre and have the benefits of being wholemeal.

Only 5.75″ in size Mission Mini Wraps are thick and flexible enough to hold all the delicious ingredients, and are resealable to maintain freshness once opened.

Mission Tomato Mini Wraps

Mission Tomato Mini Wraps have a slight tomato taste to add a tiny tang. They are 5.75″ in size, low in sugar and a source of dietary fibre and the perfect base to add more nutritious ingredients Each pack is resealable for storage and comes with 8 wraps.

  1. Ariel
    256 reviews

    Packed with flavour!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 30, 2021

    It was fun to assemble the Mission Mini Wraps as a cute teddy bear that no child or adult can resist. I was able to assemble a teddy bear on the tomato flavoured mini wrap and it tasted yummy too! Savoury and flavourful with the unmistakable tomato taste, the texture is soft yet firm at the same time so as to hold the food and sauces in place for you to sink your teeth into it. I can see myself enjoying this as for tea or a light meal. Simply scrumptious!

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