Mesya Bio Stem Cell Ampoules
Mesya Bio Stem Cell Ampoules

Mesya Bio Stem Cell Ampoules

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Mesya Bio Stem Cell Ampoules is suitable for all skin types. It forms a protective layer on the skin with vegetable placenta and stem cell activator from hydrolyzed pea protein to make skin soft and youthful. It also contains hyaluronic acid to soothe and hydrate the skin.

This skin enrichment ampoule also has callus cultivating extracts such as Licorice and Portulaca Oleracea to protect and treat irritated skin and sunburns. MESYA Bio Stem Cell Ampoules has the ability to revitalise your skin, enhance skin elasticity, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This formula also soothes and strengthens the skin barrier to shield your facial skin from external aggressors and irritants while sealing in vital moisture.

With MESYA Bio Stem Cell Ampoules you can achieve baby-soft skin by allowing the concentrate to be absorbed into the skin. Using your fingertips and gentle circular motions, all you have to do is spread one ampoule on the face and neck twice a day. You can also choose to use it after the Stem Cell Skin kit, for optimal results.

MESYA Bio 干细胞安瓶精华小小一瓶,适合任何肤质使用,称得上是大马女性必备的皮肤“急救站”了,大部分皮肤问题它统统都能解决。那么小小一瓶,却富含各种珍贵植物干细胞和强大的保湿剂,主要成分采用了植物胎盘和水解豌豆蛋白组成的干细胞活化剂浓缩精华,能够重建一个肌肤保护屏,防止干糙、起干皮,使肌肤变得柔软富有弹性;添加了透明质酸钠,能够达到舒缓和密集补水的效果,为肌肤带来活力生机。

作为极速急救皮肤的安瓶精华,MESYA Bio 干细胞安瓶精华内添加了愈伤组织萃取精华,如甘草和马齿苋,能够强效保护和修复受损的皮肤,也能当做晒后修复,舒缓晒伤肌肤。同时为肌肤赋予更多活力、增强皮肤弹性,从而改善及减少皱纹和细纹的出现。该配方可保护和增强皮肤屏障,保护我们的皮肤免受外界污染物和紫外线伤害,同时提高肌肤的吸收力,帮助肌肤锁住水分不流失。

每次使用 MESYA Bio 干细胞安瓶精华,它能帮助肌肤快速吸收精华液,让皮肤从早到晚都是细腻饱满的“婴儿肌”状态。建议每天早晚取适量途抹在脸部、颈部,指尖轻轻按摩帮助精华吸收,也可以选择在干细胞皮肤保养套组之后涂抹,效果更是最佳。

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