MENSCIENCE Daily Body Wash

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Smart cleansing. You’ll never use soap again after trying this multifunctional cleanser, MENSCIENCE Daily Body Wash. Professional ingredients deeply cleanse and revitalize your whole body. Removes sweat, dirt and impurities. Rinses off easily; leaves no residues. Ideal for an active lifestyle and after workouts. Tea Tree Extract invigorates and helps combat germs. Glycolic Acid in 3% concentration washes away dull buildup formed by dead cells and organic residues that soap can’t dissolve.

It is free of the harsh chemicals and waxy binders used in soaps, which can damage your skin’s appearance. Restores and maintains skin’s natural softness and moisture balance. Salicylic Acid dissolves oily residues and debris deposited in pores and follicles. Large 12 oz bottle with convenient dispenser for everyday shower use. Suitable for all skin types.

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