Medimix Ayurvedic Eladi Oil & Sandal Body Wash

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Embodying the goodness of 26 varied Ayurvedic ingredients and used to treat many skin conditions in this Medimix Ayurvedic Eladi Oil & Sandal Body Wash. Eladi Oil is often termed as the ‘Ayurvedic wonder oil’. Medimix makes the purest Eladi Oil in a 100% Vegetal Glycerine base, which keeps the skin tone even, brightens the complexion and infuses it with a natural glow.

Ayurvedic is a system of traditional medicine that is renowed across the world for its ability to heal naturally. Now you can turn an ordinary bath into a lucurious Ayurvedic beauty ritual with this body wash. The pure Eladi Oil is a combination of 30 powerful herbs that nourish your complexion and naturally detoxify your skin while sandal adds a glow to your skin. Luxuriate with its softening properties everyday as you e=unwind during your bath.

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