Medimix Ayurvedic 18 Herbs Body Wash

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Medimix Ayurvedic 18 Herbs Body Wash has etched its signature on antiquity by blending 18 rare ingredients that infuse your skin with microbial purity. This pristine formulation is not only an excellent skin healer, but it also fights against all skin-related diseases and infections, making it a marvel in the entire Cholayil line of formulations.

Paraben-free, soap-free and SLES-free. Ayurvedic is a system of traditional medicine that is renowned across the world for its ability to heal naturally. Now you can bring Ayurvedic into your daily bathing regime with this Medimix 18 herb body wash. It’s the most natural way to protect and cure your skin problems, whether it is pimples, body odour, prickly heat, boils or other skin infections. Suitable for all skin types and good for adults and children as well.

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