MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash
MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash

MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash

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Going to work, attending meetings, and working overtime is incredibly exhausting! What do you do first when you return home?

Obviously, it is time to relax with a refreshing shower! MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash has a fresh scent and soft foam, allowing you to experience the natural scent of plants while bathing, quickly wash away your fatigue and restore your appearance, and regain your vitality!

MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash adopts a natural and mild soap-free formula, with a pH value of 5.5, that can gently and thoroughly cleanse every part of the body, so that every square inch of skin can benefit from aromatherapy. No added chemicals, no artificial colouring, no alcohol, no preservatives, no parabens, no MIT and MCIT, so you can use it with confidence whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin.

After cleansing gently, you should feel comfortable and not constricted. The dense foam created by rubbing the hands together can accomplish both “deep cleansing” and “exquisite skin care” simultaneously, providing you with extremely gentle cleansing and care that leaves your skin soft and hydrated for an extended period of time. Luxuriate with seven types of natural extracts of aromatic plant essences, such as lavender, blue water lily, blue daisy, ginkgo, sunflower, calendula, and roselle, and add Australia’s finest sandalwood essential oil for a long-lasting fragrance, so that you can fall asleep every night surrounded by forest flowers!

The pleasant aroma can not only alleviate our fatigue after a long day of work, but also add some joy and a small pleasure to our lives. Especially in Malaysia, where the weather is hot and sweating easily causes clogged pores, dull, and rough skin, this is the best time to take a fragrant shower and unwind! MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash is the fragrant shower gel that brightens up bath time. The unique aromatic plant formula can accomplish deep cleansing and exquisite skin care simultaneously, effortlessly washing away the day’s fatigue while removing the enviable scent of beautiful skin.

MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash is formulated with seven types of premium plant extracts, including lavender, blue water lily, blue daisy, ginkgo, sunflower, calendula, and roselle. Your body and mind will appear to be immersed in a sea of flowers each time you take a bath with it. The addition of Australia’s finest sandalwood essential oil, will exude a light woody aroma that is suitable for both men and women.

The mild formulation of soap-free foam does not irritate the skin, and the mild ingredients with a pH value of 5.5 can effectively and gently remove dirt from pores while maintaining the skin’s natural barrier to protect skin health at all times. After showering, the skin does not feel dry or tight, and it is hydrated. Indeed, MCJ Beauty Magic Cleansing Body Wash cleanses and nourishes your skin at the same time, while giving you a luxurious spa-like bath experience at home.


当然是来个香喷喷的沐浴时光,好好放松一下!「MCJ BEAUTY神奇沐浴露」清新香味,柔和泡沫,让您在沐浴的同时,感受植物的天然香氛,迅速洗去一身疲惫恢复神彩,重新拥有满满活力!

「MCJ BEAUTY神奇沐浴露」采用天然温和的无皂基配方,5.5pH值能温和彻底洗净身体每一处,让每一寸肌肤都能享受芳香疗法的顶级呵护。最大的特点在于:无添加化学药物、无人造色素、无酒精、无防腐剂、无对羟基苯甲酸酯、无MIT及MCIT,不管你是干肌、油肌、敏感肌皆可以放心使用,温和清洁,洗完舒适不紧绷。随手揉搓出绵密的泡沫,能够一次完成「深层清洁」+「精致养肤」,给您极致温和的清洁呵护,肌肤柔嫩水润更持久。选用7种天然萃取芳香植物精华,包括薰衣草、蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊、银杏、葵花、金盏花以及洛神花,以及添加澳洲顶级檀香木精油,持久留香,让您每晚都在森林花香陪伴中入睡!

好闻的香气不但可以治愈忙碌工作之余的疲惫,还能给我们的生活增添一些快乐和小确幸。尤其大马天气炎热,容易流汗导致毛孔阻塞,皮肤暗沉粗糙,这个时候最适合来个香喷喷的沐浴时光,好好放松一下!让沐浴时光变开心的香氛沐浴露非 「MCJ BEAUTY 神奇沐浴露」莫属了,特制的芳香植物配方,能够一次完成「深层清洁」+「精致养肤」,轻松为你洗去白天的疲惫感,同时洗出令人羡慕的芬芳美肌。

「MCJ BEAUTY 神奇沐浴露」甄选7种优质植萃精华,包括薰衣草、蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊、银杏、葵花、金盏花以及洛神花,每次用它洗澡,身心仿佛沉浸在花海之中,充满香甜的森林气息。添加的薰衣草成分能够帮助舒缓压力,睡前用它洗澡可加倍放松全身,连枕头上都香香的,让你一觉睡到天亮。添加澳洲顶级檀香精油,花香中带出淡淡木质香,适合男女使用。

无皂基泡沫温和配方不伤肤,5.5 pH值的温和成分,有效温和去除毛孔污垢,同时维持肌肤天然屏障,时刻保护肌肤健康;用后不干涩不紧绷,保湿感满满,感觉皮肤越来越好。「MCJ BEAUTY 神奇沐浴露」让您在清洁同时养肤,在家享受SPA级精致沐浴!

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