Maro 3D Volume Hair Growth 3D Essence

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1. Part your hair at areas of concern, such as the parting, hairline, top of the head and have the scalp exposed.
2. Directly spray a suitable amount to the scalp, approximately 1 cm away from hair.  Spray 6 to 8 times for the entire head.
3. Gently massage your entire scalp with pad of your thumb.
  1. kenneth669
    6 reviews

    Amazing result just in short time

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 25, 2018

    Recommended to all hair loss problems friends! This product solved my hair loss problem. I trusted t MARO since use it for the first time, cant imagine how good this product is. My little hair started to grow up just after 1 month time. The scent for this spray is just nice, love it so much. First try were bought from lazada store named Happy Paws Solution, nice job keep it up. will buy more in the future *A must try product !

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