MAGGI® Royale™ Korean Spicy Braised Beef

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Set your palates on fire with rich, spicy, and flavourful Korean tastes!

  1. Maawardah Mohamad
    248 reviews

    Mi segera pertama dengan perasa daging lembu

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 18, 2020

    Saya agak teruja untuk mencuba maggi perasa daging lembu ini. Bagi saya sangat sedap, dengan rasa pedas seolah-olah makan maggi sup daging lembu. Mi nya agal tebal seperti mi korea. Cuma harganya agak mahal dan kandungan satu paket agak sedikit. Apapun memang terbaik?

  2. Xiao Long
    210 reviews

    Pricy and taste so so

    3 out of 5, reviewed on November 20, 2017

    I would prefer this compared to the Royale Tomyam. But still the price is too much expensive. Disappointed with the price, taste. Comes with a small little chunk of beef, but yet too small even to have a bite. 🙁
    A little bit spicy, so kids may not love it. It taste rather unique tho, but because of the price i dont think will continue eat it.

  3. Siti Iryani
    1 reviews


    3 out of 5, reviewed on October 27, 2017

    i had try this long long ago , but i still find missing texture dont match with my taste . so i dont is good for buy again next time

  4. fionayyl03
    526 reviews

    More value

    3 out of 5, reviewed on June 22, 2017

    Previously, I tried the cup form, but it lacked the authentic broth Korea is well-known for. This is about the same. The dry seasonings didn’t add much and overall, it was still a dissapointment. It lacked flavor, presentation and overall yummy factors. One good thing out of it is that when you buy in this pack, it saves you more than RM5 if you were to buy 6 packets

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