Lonpac MediSecure Centurial

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What is MediSecure Centurial Insurance?

This is an individual medical insurance product providing for expenses incurred due to hospitalisation or surgery.

What is so special about MediSecure Centurial?


As Charged Benefits

Claims are paid as charged, subject to reasonable, customary and necessary charges but is subject to Overall Annual Limit only.

Additional Benefit

Other benefits payable include Organ Transplant, Goods and Services Tax (if applicable), Medical Report Fee, Nursing at Home, Outpatient Cancer Treatment and Outpatient Kidney Dialysis as part of the Overall Annual Limit.


Automatic Increase in Limits

Room and Board Rates and Overall Annual Limit increases automatically by 10% every three years.

  • Increase is automatic
  • Increase is not subject to re-underwriting
  • Increase is irrespective of claims experience, except for disability for which a claim has already been intimated


Guaranteed Renewability

Policy is renewable at the option of the Policyholder. During renewal, the terms and conditions of coverage shall not be amended.

No Unilateral Amendment

No amendment to this Policy shall be valid unless mutually agreed upon by the Company and the Policyholder.

No Per Disability Limit and No Lifetime Limit

Although there is no Per Disability Limit and Lifetime Limit, claims are subject to Overall Annual Limit.

No Age Limit

The policy is valid until 31 March 2116 and is renewable annually at the option of the Policyholder. Last entry age is 70 years next birthday. Once accepted, you can continue to renew your policy with no age limit. Furthermore, the Company cannot refuse the renewal of the Policy and cannot impose new terms or exclusions.

No Portfolio Withdrawal Condition

The product cannot be withdrawn during the validity period which ends on 31 March 2116.


Fixed Date for Premium Review

The renewal premium payable is not guaranteed and the Company shall revise the premium rate every three years at the same time of the increase in benefit limits. The respective revised premium shall be applicable at the time of renewal.

Portfolio Pricing of Premium

Premium changes, if any, shall be applicable to all policyholders irrespective of their claim experience and shall be in accordance with Company’s risk assessment.

Unisex Premium Rates

Premiums are age-banded but there is no distinction between male and female premium rates.


Hospital Admission Assistance

Our appointed service provider will provide assistance during hospital admission and arrange for payment to the approved panel of hospitals. Payment for hospitalisation and surgery subject to Overall Annual Limit.

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