L’HERBOFLORE Camellia Shower Gel

Product Details

Formulated with AC Moisture-Plex Advanced PF, L’HERBOFLORE Camellia Shower Gel delivers superior moisturizing and conditioning benefits to the skin. Also, with Hydrolyzed Milk Protein to keep the skin supple and elastic due to its complete amino acid content. The formula has a luxurious formula to create a silky smooth skin.

Milk protein in this shower gel helps in softening the skin. Camellia oils has a nice smell and leaves your skin hydrated and healthy. Get all the good benefits while showering with this luxurious shower gel. Gentle and safe on the skin and prevent your skin from losing its moisture.

Usage instructions:

Apply an adequate amount of L’HERBOFLORE Camellia Shower Gel on your skin and gentle lather. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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