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There`s quite a lot to the LG V10 – a flagship, a phablet, a camera phone, a rugged phone, a Hi-Fi phone and the first of the new V-series. It`s a feature-packed device and its signature feature is the secondary always-on display and a dual selfie camera.The secondary display is essentially one line above the main screen that can be left on 24/7 and serves for notifications and shortcuts. This is to the notification light as email is to Morse code – a much richer way to give you at-a-glance info of what happened since you last checked your phone.We`ve seen secondary screens like this one before, but this is our first dual selfie camera. LG solved the problem of group selfies (`groufies`) by adding a super-wide 120° camera, in addition to the standard 80° one. Many more of your friends can now fit into the shot.The main camera is very impressive too, it features the most comprehensive set of manual controls we`ve ever seen on a mobile device. Even PureView Lumias and Samsung`s smartphone/camera hybrids didn`t have some of the settings available on the LG V10.And then there`s the fingerprint reader, the 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC and the premium headphones. Here`s the short version of it, we`ll do a deep dive into the top features of the V10 as soon as we`re done with the intro.

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    The Best Android Phone

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 6, 2018

    Superb flagship device from lg …. outstanding performance and very reliable for daily task … superb audio quality plus very good when using earphone …. stunning phone for daily use and for every aspect … value for money and nice design after all

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