Ladyship U-Kang UK271 Multifunction Cook Blender

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Discover the new breakthrough and perfect combination of traditional cooking. Some machine, beside been able to process vegetable ad fruit juices, it can also cook Nutritions Thick Soup, Congee and as well as delicious Soy Milk (Cooking Soy Milk requires continuous stirring), Cereal and Grains, brew Chinese Medicinal Herbs at a push of the button. The optimal machine truly innovates the vital health for the whole family.
Easy Extraction (Grass and Unedible Residue): Mountain grass, wheat grass and other Vigor drinks minus the indigestible or unedible residue.
Easy processing (Fruits and Smoothies): Make your own fruit juice without compromising on hygiene and enjoy the natural goodness and nutrients of fruits and smoothies.
Easy Absorption (Grain and Cereal): The fiber of grain and cereal is essential to keep the digestive system healthy. With a push on the “Auto” button your cereal and grain will be cooked hot which allows you to enjoy the essential nutrients that can easily be absorbed and digested by the system.
No More Headache and Hassle (Thick Soup and Congee): The Soap and Congee can easily be prepare by applying the “Auto” mode which will blend cook the delicious soup as well as congee in just a few minutes. Eat and drink your way to a health life style.
No More Wasting and Waiting (Chinese Medicinal Herbs): Sewing of Chinese Medicinal Herbs required long waiting and patience, no worries with the modern technology, all medicinal herbs, essential essence can easily be stewed and extracted with a touch of your ginger, which enable you to enjoy the rich and aromatic taste of the essence.

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