La Gourmet Shogun Kyoto 18cm Saucepan
La Gourmet Shogun Kyoto 18cm Saucepan

La Gourmet Shogun Kyoto 18cm Saucepan

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Since the inception La gourmet was built on the twin core principles of ‘Conserve Energy’ & ‘Healthy Living’.Shogun by La gourmet gives you the Assurance of Safety & a guarantee of a finely crafted cookware that provides convenience & healthy cooking.

1st layer : Resistant top coat applied wet-in-wet Tritanium Mega from Switzerland

2nd layer : Wet- in-wet coating reinforced with Marble resistant particles.

3rd layer : Wet-in-wet 2 coating with special particles

4th layer : Highly ceramic reinforced mild coat

5th layer : Highly ceramic reinforced base coat

6th layer : Cast aluminium core that provides excellent heat conductivity even heat distribution

7th layer : High heat exterior coating

8th layer : Encased with Dot induction

i) ENERGY SAVING – the excellent heat conductivity of the cookware reduces the amount of time & energy needed to cook.

i) Tritanium Mega from Switzerland meets the highest SAFETY STANDARDS and QUALITY ASSURANCE. The Tritanium mega is produced by the biggest Swiss non-stick manufacturer.


SPECIALLY DESIGNED THICK GAUGED CAST ALUMINIUM , This ensures an excellent conduction of heat & helps to avoid warping & other issues .

A  brand from USA

  1. Fatin Diana
    2 reviews

    Love my new cookware!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 24, 2021

    Wishlist tercapai bila dapat jugak La Gourmet Shogun Kyoto Saucepan ni. Dah lama sangat nak ada koleksi La Gourmet Shogun tau.
    Yang bestnya sebab ianya non stick. Bila masak tu memang tak lekat la dan mudah dibersihkan. Minyak pun senang tanggal. Pastu kan, saucepan ni ringan. Takde la guna banyak tenaga bila nk angkat tu. Nak masak pun cepat je. Takde la makan masa sangat. I just loooooove this new cookware tiap kali masuk dapur 🤭

    #lagourmet #shogun #shogunkyoto #saucepan #cookware #kbba9

  2. Ariel
    270 reviews

    Lightweight but solid

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 22, 2021

    I have two saucepans in my kitchen now – the La Gourmet Shogun Kyoto 18cm Saucepan and a stainless steel one I have used for years. However, I find myself gravitating towards the Shogun Saucepan more and more because it is so lightweight and completely non-stick.

    I find that my eggs boil slightly quicker in the Shogun saucepan as the heat is distributed evenly. Sauces also heat up evenly and the smaller size of the saucepan ensures that most of the sauce did not evaporate. Washing it after cooking is such a breeze as grease and cooking residue wash off easily without needing to scrub. The stainless steel saucepan requires much more elbow grease for sure.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the Shogun saucepan and it looks as good as the first day I used it.

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