La gourmet 6l Healthy Pressure Cooker

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Home Cooking is best with La gourmet 6l Healthy Pressure Cooker. La gourmet believes a journey of family bonding is enhanced with home cooking. Family meals foster warmth, security and love as well as feeling of belonging.

In the new millennium, both parents are mostly working to cater to better living, education and travels for the family. La gourmet understands that. Thus, it encourages both career and family bonding by supporting parents with its innovative tool – La gourmet Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker. Children coming back from school can have mummy’s home-cooked food, still piping hot in the pressure cooker pot. Each day they can experience and look forward to mummy’s delicious meals prepared just for them.

Pressure cookers are designed to make cooking more convenient and time-saving. They’re economical both in the amount of power they use and are ideal for a quick one-pot meal, without having to stand over the stove stirring. They can reduce cooking time and retain food nutrients, making them an ideal kitchen appliance for easy and healthy cooking.

La gourmet’s Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker comes in various sizes – 4L and 6L capacities – with 14 to 17 all-in-one preset functions. Besides pressure cooking, La gourmet’s Electric Pressure Cooker can also be used for deep frying, baking, as a yogurt maker, for stews, or as a sterilizer, essence extractor, steamer, rice cooker, black garlic, sous vide, open lid cooking, and slow cooking. With a complete accessory set, the possibility of cooking methods are endless including 2-layer cooking.

With innovative features like 80% faster cooking time, 24-hours preset timer, lock-in-nutrient pressure-seal cooking system, and a flexible adjustable cooking duration, you’ll be able to cook scrumptious meals with less hassle, in no time! La gourmet’s Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker also has cool grip handles and a lid holder with a detachable, easy-to-clean lid.

This cooking appliance is set apart from other pressure cookers with added safety features not found in many other brands. It’s Auto-cover Sensor, One Touch Pressure release and Child-lock Safety systems, makes cooking more safe and enjoyable.

La gourmet’s Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker comes with a non-stick inner pot, stainless steel inner pot, tempered glass lid, measuring cup, rice spoon, condensation as well as a stainless steel steamer rack, trivet and tray. Get yours today and never worry about long cooking times again!

  1. Izwan Khairuddin
    2 reviews

    Pressures cooker

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 3, 2020

    pressure cooker banyak kelebihan dia contohnya memudahkan sesuatu masakan tanpa menggunakan dapur gas , mudah masak nasi dengan cepat dan pantas dan senang digunakan

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