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Malaysians and rice can never be parted and it’s not surprising as we have hundreds of appetizing dishes that pair nicely with rice and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Still, as health awareness catches up, more and more of us are concerned about the continuous intake of our beloved staple food. With KAYKAY RICE & MORE Healthy Grains Rice, you can enjoy this range of mixed grains that are packed with natural goodness for your specific health needs while still giving you the taste and comfort of rice. It is a Low Glycemic Index (Low GI) rice which is digested, absorbed and metabolised slowly compared to ordinary white rice grains, therefore it causes a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and insulin levels. It is helpful for those who wish to lose or maintain body weight or blood sugar levels without having to give up rice. KAYKAY RICE & MORE Healthy Grains Rice is fluffy and aromatic – satisfying your appetite for rice has never been healthier.

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