Black Paint Kabusencha Soap

Product Details

Products Details

Net wt : 120g

Kabusecha | Special Formulated Tea Soap (To create an even skin texture)

Key functions

Perfectly balanced Theanine & catechin.

Recommended to people with acne problem.

Helps to create an even skin texture

Helps to fight sagging skin & wrinkles.

How it was made

Kabusecha is a kind of Japanese tea that is also called Kabuse Gyokuro.

It has a good balance of theanine and catechin.

It is a fine balance between Sencha and Gyokuro and tea leaves of the finest quality.

How to use

After soaking in lukewarm water, apply the directly on the skin.

Massage your face gently after the application.

Then wash up with water.

Use Black Sponge and gently touch every area of your face to remove excessive dirt.

Rinse with water again.


Question: Is it safe if it gets in contact with my eyes ?

The soap stings when in contact with eyes. Since it is made of minerals, it is harmless. However, to avoid discomfort and unpleasant experience, use the soap cautiously to avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Question: My soap melted slushily

The soap melts easily in presence of heat and humidity. Make sure not to leave it inside the bathroom. We recommend you to put it on a soap tray in an upright position.

Question: My skin stings when I apply the soap

When the natural barrier on some parts of the skin becomes thin, applying the soap may sting.

Question: Can I cut it into small pieces and use it?

Since it is a soft soap, cutting it may lead some impurities to stick on it. Avoid cutting.

Question: Can I use a common cleanser prior to applying Black Paint ?

Black Paint is also a makeup remover. Since it is an oil-treatment-soap, we highly recommend you to use only this 1 soap for cleansing.

Question: How about people with dry or sensitive skin ?

Use oil water after washing for a moist feeling.

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