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This product is made of the finest texture embryo oats certified by USDA. Embryo oat is a new taste of oat; it is harvest during golden time of oats. It contains higher nutritional value than ordinary oats, which has becomes one of the healthy foods in world. In essence, embryo oat is higher in protein, dietary fiber and calcium as compared with ordinary oats. Therefore, it is highly recommend for us to meet our nutrient requirement daily. This lactose free product is suitable for replace daily milk or creamer for cooking purpose.

The goodness of Organic Embryo Oat Powder

  • Improve digestion: Oat consists of soluble and insoluble fiber which help in digestion
  • Lower calorie intake: Oat gives satiety by slowing gastric emptying
  • Cardio health: Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber which helps to lower total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) level while increase elimination of bile acid
  • Good for diabetes patients: Helps to control blood glucose level, reduce dependence on insulin

Suitable for:

  • Suitable for cooking purpose
  • Suitable for replace creamer for coffee
  • Lactose intolerant patient
  • Cow’s milk allergy patient
  • Galactosemia
  • All age groups
  • All vegetarian
  • People concerned about blood sugar, pressure, lipid and cholesterol

Direction of use:

Cooking curry and spices (substitute coconut milk), mixing with tea and coffee (as non dairy creamer), baking breads and cookies, making dessert, ice-cream, yoghurt, pudding, custard, pancake, salad dressing and etc.

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