Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner

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Hisense of Cooling

Get the perfect good night’s sleep and comfortable indoor environment with the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner. Temperature is heating up every day and we are huffing and puffing under the effects of global warming. There is no need to forgo the comfortable environment with the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner, as it helps to keep the temperature tolerable and comfortable.

Hisense of Comfort

The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner comes with an elegant and compact design. Complementing its beautiful design, the air conditioner comes packed in punches. The air conditioner from Hisense comes with auto restart, sleep mode, smart mode as well as a 24 hour timer. The technology within works together with a remote control to allow you to set the temperature of the environment that you are in. The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner works silently while preserving the peace that you deserve especially after a long day.

Hisense of Design

The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner is a environmental-friendly refrigerant. With a much less bulky design, the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner will save on space and cause less harm to the environment. The air conditioner is also easy to maintain and clean with its removable and washable panels. This machine comes with ionizer.

About Hisense

Hisense Company Ltd is headquartered in China. Hisense has steadily introduced a full range of electronics and appliances to fulfil the consumer market. Hisense’s range of products include televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers and freezers. Hisense products are exported to over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.

  1. Amalina Omar
    5 reviews

    Value for money

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 16, 2017

    I bought this set for a pretty cheap price during mycybersale. With 3 star rating, the electric consumption is reasonable. The only problem is that the remote is not sensitive enough as i need to point directly to the air cond. the cooling will take u longer time than other aircond i have been used. Anyway, it is still value for money, been using this for almost a year with not much issue going on.

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