Hesstar Food Steamer HFS-3M

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Live and eat healthier with Hesstar’s HFS-3M food steamer! Steam your fish, chicken, vegetables or eggs in this 3-tier food steamer that supports 4.7 litres (1 layer), 9.4 litres (2 layers) and 14.1 litres (3 layers) capacities. It is designed with 60-minute mechanical timer, steam cooking and keep warm function, two-colour indicator light as well as exterior water level indicator to warn you if the water is getting low. Thanks to its stainless steel housing, you can wash this food steamer repeatedly after using without having to worry about it getting rusty later.
Features Available

It is designed to steam your food fast, thanks to its honeycomb-shape unique steam cover and exterior water filling inlet that enable you to fill in the water without having to lift up the whole steamer. The knob is clear and durable for long lasting use. There is also a tips guide available which you can refer to when cooking your favourite meal because it makes cooking faster and easier.

  1. cikbunga49
    659 reviews

    Memasak banyak jenis makanan dengan cepat

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 17, 2017

    Pengukus makanan Hesstar ni memang best. Saya belikan untuk ibu dikampung senang apabila semua adik beradik berkumpul.
    Dapat masak macam-macam lauk dan kuih muih dalam satu masa.
    Boleh kukus banyak sekaligus kerana ianya bertingkat.
    Memang senang dan cepat.Berbaloi memilikinya.

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