Happy Y.G House G99 Di Bao (Gold Ruby)

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G99 Di Bao is an enhanced formulation herbal supplement meant to specifically strengthen the five internal organs, namely the heart, liver, kidney, lungs and spleen. It contains three key ingredients which are renown in Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) to enhance overall health. The Chinese Cordyceps, which is considered precious as gold in TCM, is used for rejuvenating the Chi, as well the Yin and Yang, bringing balance for within. Antrodia Cinnamomea, famed for being the world’s most expensive wild mushroom, detoxes the liver, supports internal health and protects from diseases. The Siberian Five Leaves Acnthopanax in G99 Di Bao, which originates from very cold climates, is more precious than ordinary ginseng, and is famously used by astronauts and Olympic athletes in their sports drinks to reduce tiredness and post workout fatigue. G99 Di Bao is made from 100% herbs using multistage fermentation process for better absorption by the body. When taken daily, it will help to address the ramifications of unhealthy modern lifestyle, such as inadequate sleep, stress and neglecting one’s health.

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