Guardian Antiseptic Liquid

Product Details


Guardian Antiseptic Germicide. Ideal for Medical, First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Household Applications.

Direction for Use

  • First Aid Medical Application
    – Cuts, Gauzes, Bites, Stings : 1 capful to 300ml water, clean and cover with dry lint
    – Antiseptic Use For Midwifery : 1.5 capful to !L warm water, for external antisepsis.
  • Personal Hygiene Application (Do not Use For Eczematous Condition)
    – Bathing : 1 to 2 capfuls to bath water
  • Household Application
    – Laundry : 4 capfuls to 2 litres of water
    – Floor and other hard surfaces, 5 capfuls to 2.4 litres of water
    -Lavorites, Skin (Non Acrylic), Drains, Etc :Use Undiluted
    1 Capful = 17ml
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