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Your choice of cookware matters a lot, and the better quality, the more wholesome the results of your labor. GreenPan, a range of ceramic non-stick cookware is known for its lasting quality and ease of use. Its non-stick coating named Thermolon is made from a sand derivative that is heat resistant up to 450degrees , so there will be no blistering or toxic fumes released due to overheating. It’s this Thermolon coating that’s also responsible for quicker, more even heating without using a high heat setting. It allows you a more healthy way of cooking too, for you won’t need much oils or fats. When it’s time to clean-up, all a GreenPan cookware needs is a wipe using soapy water and a soft cloth, with no scrubbing needed. All GreenPan cookware are made free from PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium, making it the healthier choice in any kitchen.

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