Everbest Ring Roll Healthy Soy Food
Everbest Ring Roll Healthy Soy Food

Everbest Ring Roll Healthy Soy Food

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Do you enjoy hot pot or steamboat? Then you’d love Everbest Ring Roll! Devoted to manufacturing and distributing products for almost 25 years, Everbest is an integrated soybean-based and vegetarian products manufacturing company in Malaysia. By providing more than 80 types of products, Everbest can now meet the needs of many. Its star product, Ring Roll, goes perfectly with any soup-based dishes like curry laksa, yong tau foo, tom yum soup, instant noodles, and ramen. Best of all, Everbest Ring Roll combines delicious taste with healthy benefits. It is made from specially selected Non-GMO soya bean from Canada and high-quality premium bean curd skin, which are high in protein and contain no trans-fat. Everbest Ring Roll undergoes a quick-fry process and then handwrapped into a roll to offer you an irresistible crunchiness with rich soy aroma, instantly enhancing any soup-based meals. It’s also really easy to prepare Everbest Ring Roll. Simply dip it in soup for 3 seconds, and it’s ready to serve! Everbest Ring Roll comes in family box size consisting of 14 pieces to make it convenient for family gatherings, friend meetups, or even corporate events. Everbest also comes with a 2-pieces Ring Roll convenient pack that is lighter in weight and easier to carry around for those who are always on-the-go.

  1. Ariel
    259 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 29, 2021

    Crunchy and filling, they go really well with instant noodles and soups, especially on days when you are too lazy to cook.

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