Dimes Premium 100% Grape Juice

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A unique product that lets you sample the real taste of Anatolian grapes: Dimes Pure Grape Juice. Since the grapes are pressed without peeling or removing the seeds, it delivers the benefits and the taste of grapes to your table at its best. It is the first grape juice in screw-capped cardboard packaging in Turkiye. Contains no additional sugar.

For healthy living:
• Purple grapes contain Vitamins A and C as well as iron and potassium.
• It is a high fibred antioxidant which gets rid of toxins in our body and is very useful in preventing ageing of the skin.
• It helps the formation of new blood cells.
• It helps to improve the blood circulation and prevents the formation of cellulite.
• 1 liter of Pure Dimes Grape Juice is made from the juice of 1.1 kg of grapes.
• With no sugar added, Dimes Pure Grape Juice has been pressed without peeling or removing the seeds from the grapes, allowing you to sample the pure taste of the grapes.

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