Deroma Ultra Air Humidifier

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There are many reasons why a home or room may need a humidifier, and among its uses include to moisten the air, and also help reduce coughs, itchy eyes and dry nasal cavities as well. Air humidifiers are also useful in relieving sinusitis, as well as alleviating snoring and nose bleed problems. When a room is also air-conditioned, it will likely cause dryness on our skin and throat, and using a good air humidifier helps to moisten the air and prevent these issues too. The Ultra Air Humidifier device from Deroma comes with a large water tank capacity of 4 litres, decreasing the chances of water running low. In any case, the device automatically shuts off if it does run out of water. Deroma Ultra Air Humidifier releases its mist into the environment via a twin outlet, using 280 ml of liquid per hour. That’s a long-lasting humidifying effect! The device comes with a stone element filter which cleans the water for better quality mist. Apart from that, it also has a UV light sterilisation function! The powerful mist production can be adjusted with a 360° adjustable mist nozzle and with 3 levels of mist production. It can be set at light-changing mode with the 7 colours of the rainbow for a colourful atmosphere. Water can be refilled from the top of the transparent water tank, minimising spilling and mess. Plus, as it comes equipped with our local 3-pin plug, utilisation is even more simplified. To top it all off, the Deroma Ultra Air Humidifier can be used with its own special Deroma Essential Oil for a lovely, scented experience!

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