Crystal Moist Hydra Ion+ Moisturising Eye Concentrate

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Light and nourishing texture. HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor, Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex and multiple mineral elements sooth the dryness and tautness around your eyes. Crystal Moist Hydra Ion+ Moisturising Eye Concentrate help diminish the appearance of dry lines and fine lines. Mango extract contains Vitamin A, B, C and Citric Acid which help nourish eye contour area. Dark circles are relieved with gentle massage.

Rich in essential minerals, Korean Deep Ocean Water penetrates into skin, restoring moisture and comfort. It is boosted by the efficient moisturising factor of Hyaluronic Acid. Forming a hydrating veil on the skin’s surface, the skin is effectively primed to lock in water molecules, effectively soothing and moisturising dehydrated skin.

Derived from five fermented essential minerals, it replenishes essential trace elements for skin health, lifts skin’s vigour and revives energy from within. The skin now glows with supple moisture and healthy complexion.

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