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Crispy Chocolate

Crispy Chocolate

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Crispy- All time favorite Crispy chocolate treasured by many children in Malaysia. A distinctive crunchy, unique malt chocolate bar has been engraved into people’s hearts. Top up with imported quality rice cereal brings back the memories of adults and love of life for children.

Founded in 1973, Crispy chocolate is 100% made in Malaysia and has become a local favorite that many Malaysians grew up with. It was the first chocolate filled with crunchy and crispy rice cereals hence the conception of its name. Coated with quality chocolate, Crispy is low in sugar but great in taste- making it the best kid-approved snack with love at first bite!

Did you know that Crispy is also enriched with nutrition and vitamins? The rice cereals give instant energy through carbohydrates and can help digestion because of its dietary fiber. This crunchy chocolate bar also contains 6 vitamins- Vitamin A, B3, B5, B12, C and E- keeps your children energetic for the whole day!

Crispy has no preservatives and is advocated by Kris, its own animated brand ambassador, who enjoys an active lifestyle,
inspiration and creativity. So indulge yourself in this chocolate and let your inspiration fly.

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