Country Farm Organics Ginger Powder

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CFO spices are made from the finest ingredients from organic farms in India. Each ingredient of this product is brought to you in its purest and most wholesome form, the nature intended it to be. Ginger has a pungent taste that is unmistakable and the local knows it as Halia. Ginger medicinal uses range from being used in the preparation of many Ayurvedic medicines to the ever famous ‘Ginger tea’. Ginger is predominantly used in Chinese foods aw well.


  • Has anti-inflammatory property: Relieves pains and aches (joint stiffness)
  • Acts as a digestive aid and is excellent for treating stomach upsets and gas bloating
  • Has a “warming” nature: Promotes heat generation in the body, encourages sweating and helps to relieve menstrual cramps
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