Cornell Deep Fryer CDF-S3503

Product Details

Frying is always a hassle and sometimes, dangerous too. Heating the wok, waiting for the oil to heat up and getting burned from sizzling oil – one might as well just skip those trouble and not fry anything. But with Cornell CDF-S3503 Deep Fryer, frying will not be a problem anymore.

Safe Frying

Cornell CDF-S3503 Deep Fryer has all the safety feature that a fryer needs. You need not to worry about burned food for Cornell CDF-S3503 Deep Fryer has a monitoring window that lets you keep an eye on your food from time to time. Also, it has an over-heating protection that automatically powers off if the temperature rises. Cornell CDF-S3503 Deep Fryer has LED indicator to help notify you when it’s ready to fry things or when it’s done frying things.


Founded in United States of America in 1995, Cornell is an established home appliances manufacturer that produces good first-class, long-lasting products. Cornell products are all user friendly, edgy-design and innovative.

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