Commodity Candle

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What it is:

A long-burning candle that combines soy-based wax with premium fragrance.

What it does:

Commodity Candles are hand poured with expert precision. They combine naturally derived soy-based wax with premium fragrances expertly crafted using nature’s finest commodities. The result is a luxurious home fragrance with a beautiful, warm burn. Burn time: 60 hours.

Book: Inspired by the great novels of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Book is an exciting mixture of spicy cucumber, torchwood, and sandalwood with many unexpected twists.

Orris: A contrasting duality between sparkling freshness and warm sensuality, Orris combines exquisite spices like pink pepper, coriander, and carrot seed with the elegant tonality of orris to reveal a beautiful, fresh floralcy.

Oolong: Infused with honey and a soothing blend of gourmande tea notes, Oolong combines Asian inspired oolong tea, Egyptian basil, and warm tobacco notes to convey a comforting, relaxing afternoon tea experience.

Tonka: At first dark and mysterious, Tonka has a floral woody fragrance that features an unexpected revelation of gourmand notes. Smokey whiskey, leather, and tobacco meet dry cocoa, caramel, and coffee.

Leather: Rich and aromatic, Leather’s fragrance evokes not just the sensual scent of new leather, but also its inherent sensorial texture and suppleness.

  1. Hafizul Zaidan
    6 reviews

    Ini Romantika

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 22, 2018

    Anda akan dpt view yg relaxing ! Sesuai utk moment2 dgn awek .. buat suprise proposal for u love person … confirm2 awek cair !!

  2. Avatar

    9 reviews


    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 27, 2018

    lilin ni sesuai untuk pasangan romantik.
    dan apa yang saya lihat lilin ini mampu tahan lama selama 60jam cukup jimat dan tahan lebih lama berbanding lilin biasa.

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