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Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas is the lightest auto 4-wheel stroller at 4.9kg. Babies will experience smooth movement and great support during travel. It is easily washed and  also easily opens and folds up with just one hand. Here are the features of this stroller in detail:

Auto 4 swivel wheels
Simply reverse the handle and the wheels be automatically locked and released. Ensure smooth operation without any trouble.

Ultra shock absorbent Egg Shock pad
Equipped with Egg Shock adding to absorb vibration which provides additional protection to a baby’s head by absorbing and dispersing impact evenly. Also, it is newly designed with machine washable feature.

Machine washable Dacco Seat
Dacco Seat cushion comprises a Head Support, Back support and Hip Support by absorbing and dispersing impact evenly. New design with machine washable features which is convenient for cleansing.


Super light weight
The lightest stroller with auto swivel wheels at only 4.9kg, it is easy to handle no matter when you go up and down stairs or transportation.

High Seat 55cm
Highest 55cm seating position raises the baby above ground-based allergens and offers a better view.

One-touch folding and opening
The stroller can be easily and quickly folded in one hand to maximize compactness.

Machine washable seat cushion
Detachable seat cushion with machine washable feature which is more convenient for cleansing.

Reversible handle
Reversible handle can be switched easily and quickly to either forward facing mode or face-to-face mode to use.

Large canopy
Able to cut over 99% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight.

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    3 reviews

    Memudahkan ibu bapa membawa bayi

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 5, 2018

    Dengan adanya combi mechanal handy ibubapa tidak perlu lagi untuk mendukung bayi mereka ke hulu kehilir. Ibubapa hanya perlu meletakkan bayi mereka di dalam combi mechanal handy dan menolaknya.

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    Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4Cas Stroller (Handy 4x) - Lightest Auto Swivel Stroller

    4 out of 5, reviewed on December 13, 2017

    I am fortunate enough to be selected to review this awesome stroller – the Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4Cas (Handy 4x) Stroller.

    I mean, I’m sure most of us here have at least heard of the Combi brand. It is one of the most famous baby brands out there, so I was ecstatic to be able to try out this newest stroller from Combi.

    So for those who haven’t heard of Combi. Here goes:


    Combi was established in 1957 in Japan, the foundation took place for over 50 years. Derived from the word “combination”, Combi hopes to create a relationship with all the destined people. It strives to ensure the work of primary caregivers is enjoyable and to make it easier for all family members to experience the happiness of baby caring.

    Today, Combi is one of the largest and oldest specialist producers of baby products in the world today.


    The package was delivered to my home in a very large vertical box. The box was hardy and was in quite good condition when delivered to me. Not much dents on the box or whatsoever.

    Opening up the top flap of the box revealed the contents inside. There were more cardboard pieces for more cushioning of the content.

    When I took the stroller out, the whole thing was wrapped in a large plastic bag. This is to further protect it from dust and moisture. Very good packaging indeed.

    And then it was time to unwrap the plastic. In it revealed the Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4Cas (Handy 4x) Stroller in Garnet/Shine Black in colour.

    It also came with a Dacco Seat cushion, which comprises of a Head Support and Hip Support. This Dacco Seat cushion is mostly used for infants, and it absorbs and disperses impact evenly.
    This is a new design and is now machine washable, which makes cleaning more convenient.

    And of course it also came with a manual.

    So let’s see how the stroller looks like when free standing/folded.
    These are the front view, back view and side view photos of the stroller. Love the colour. Looks elegant and neutral gender colour. Which means it doesn’t matter if you have a baby boy or a girl, this colour is suitable for both genders.

    I asked both of my younger kids to stand near the stroller, so you can kinda gauge how tall is the stroller.
    My youngest is 22mo and the other is 4+ yo. Both of them were happy to be my models. 🙂

    Yes, as the tag says, this stroller is only 4.9kg, which makes it the lightest auto swivel stroller in the market for now.
    This is especially great for petite mums who can’t handle huge, bulky stroller, especially when out with the baby alone!

    And this is how the stroller looks like when it is opened.
    I noticed that the seat of this stroller is actually higher than the rest of my other strollers.
    This model has a high seat position of 55cm. This position raises the baby above ground-based allergens.
    Besides this, the baby also has a better higher view of what is in front of the baby, compared to just looking at people’s legs and butts all the time. ;P

    Let’s now see how it looks like with little Vern strapped into it.
    It has a One Touch 5-point harness, which means that with just one push of the button, the 5-point harness comes unlocked.
    And with the harness being 5-point, it means Vern is very securely strapped into the stroller.

    This stroller actually has 170 degree full reclining seat, making this stroller suitable for newborns.
    We only use the full reclining function only when Vern fell asleep in it, as he is no more a newborn and prefers to be upright when awake. However, the many reclining degree makes it more comfortable for the baby no matter which position the baby is in.

    It has a flexible front safety bar, like all their Combi strollers, which I love.
    The safety front bar means baby can sit right up and look out of the pushchair while being adequately restrained. The material is soft, and this soft and flexible bumper means that baby will not get hurt if they bite or kick it.

    Look at how comfy Vern is while we went shopping?

    It has a large canopy, which is really good as it is able to cut over 99% of ultra-violet ray in sunlight.
    It can also help to protect against a light drizzle.

    The canopy also has two mesh windows.
    The first is at the front where the baby can look out of the stroller.
    The other one is at the back, so that the mummy can peek into the stroller to check on the baby while pushing it.

    My boy likes to play peekaboo with me with the canopy as well. This proved to be rather useful when we sometimes needed to wait in queue so it had something to keep him occupied while being strapped into the stroller.

    There are also many other benefits in which it will show better if being demonstrated.
    I’d put together a short video clip on some of the features of this stroller, especially the 360 degree automatic swivel wheels.

    Take a look at this short video clip:

    You can see in the video, how easy it is to maneuver it even in 360 degree. The ride is smooth with its 360 degree automatic swivel wheels! Not only that, you can even switch to a front view steering by reversing the handle and enjoy the same smooth automatic swivel wheels!

    And with its one-touch folding and unfolding, you can manage the stroller effortlessly and give you more confidence when you are out with your baby alone. You can fold the stroller with one hand while holding your baby on the other hand.

    Just like how it was shown in the video, this stroller can be free standing when folded, which makes everything easier when you go out with your baby alone. You don’t have to put it lying down on the floor, or find a wall for it to lie against. It can stand on its own.

    And also the hand strap makes it easy to carry your stroller to the boot of your car etc. I love this.

    There are also some of the other benefits are not shown on the video;

    The material used in this stroller is actually designed on ultra-shock absorbent system and soft suspension.
    The ultra shock absorbent Eggshock pad and the wider wheels installed in Handy 4x absorbs the vibration and shock when using the stroller on different terrains, making it a comfortable and smoother ride for the baby.

    I did try using it on the smooth floors of the mall, the rough tarred road, and also on the bumpy grassy field and I had no problems maneuvering this stroller with Vern in it!

    And also thanks to the new Air-through seat design installed, this increases the ventilation and comfort level of the baby.
    No problem at all pushing this stroller to the park even in our warm and humid weather. Baby is kept cool in the stroller.

    However, I find this stroller not too suitable for people with small car boot space, as it does not fold too compactly as umbrella strollers.
    But then umbrella strollers is another stroller category all by itself, so I guess this is not an apple to apple comparison.

    Another is that it has a relatively short body, but then this stroller is meant for newborns until 15kg (which is about 36 months) so this stroller caters for newborn up to toddlerhood only.

    But all in all, I still think this is an awesome stroller.
    The best is that it is only 4.9kg, and its 360 degree automatic swivel wheels, which makes it the lightest auto-swivel stroller in the market for now!

    It is really recommended for any parent, especially for mums who are usually going out alone with just your baby, as this stroller is light and easy to manage.

    So now, let me end this blog post with a photo of my Vern happily sitting in his Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4Cas Stroller (Handy 4x) – the lightest Auto Swivel Stroller!


    Please visit Combi’s Facebook Page to purchase.

    * Disclosure: I received a Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4Cas Stroller for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

    p/s – Pls click to see the original review and photos. Thanks,

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    2 reviews

    Combi mechacal handy auto4cas

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 19, 2017

    Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas is the lightest auto 4-wheel stroller at 4.9kg suit for me always travelling, my Babies can smooth movement and great support during travel, another of the reason is Combi mechacal handy Auto4cas easily washed and also easily opens and folds up with just one hand, easily to carry, I can bring my babies to anywhere, and didn’t feel tired…

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    374 reviews

    Pilihan yang terbaik

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 14, 2017

    Combi stroller sangat sesuai untuk digunakan pada kanak-kanak yang belum pandai berjalan.Rekaan yang ringan hanya 4.9kg sahaja tapi boleh menampung berat kanak-kanak.4 roda yang sangat efektif dan lancarkan pergerakkan stroller tersebut. Amat mudah untuk si bapa atau sesiapa saja yang menolakknya walaupun dengan satu tangan. Kusyen stroller juga yang mudah ditanggalkan dan mudah dibersihkan.Combi stroller memang pilihan yang terbaik.

  5. Afievy Ivy
    40 reviews

    Mudah,ringan dan senang guna

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 10, 2017

    Berbaloi memiliki stroller ini.Bagi saya ciri-ciri yang ada pada stroller ini sudah cukup menepati citarasa saya yang sebenarnya agak cerewet dalam pemilihan stroller.
    Boleh baca review Combi Mechacal Handy Auto4cas dari saya di artikel ini:

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