Combi Easy Clean Handy Apron

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This is Apron/Bib with “NEO-NOCX” which is water absorption & soil release finish fabric. Oil stains such as curry and meat sauce etc. will be cleaned off easily, and the effect will persist even after washing 1000 times. When you put it into water, the oil stains will float. So, you can easily cleaned off the stains in water even when you are going out. Since part of the pocket can be removed, you can enjoy changing another bibs for laundering and dress up. It’s high functionality, so it can be used at home or on the go for a long period of time. (Bib→Baby food→Infant food).

  1. Nur Arina
    812 reviews

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    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 26, 2017

    Memandangkan anak ketiga saya sekarang sudah berusia 7 bulan, jadi apron bayi ni memang sangat penting. Warna yamg cantik dan tidak keterlaluan. Yang paling saya suka ialah pita pelekat dia, mudah untuk dibuka dan dipasang pada anak. Anak meragam sekalipun tidak sukar sangat. Kalau minum air, air tidak akan menyebabkan baju anak basah.

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