Cathy Doll Chilli Bomb Firming Sauna Bath Gel

Product Details

Let chilli dissolve fats & firm up every part of your body! Cathy Doll Chilli Bomb Firming Sauna Bath Gel contains 3 kinds of bead scrub such as L-Carnitine Beads that helps firm up your body, Collagen & Q10 Beads that helps moisturize skin and improve skin’s elasticity and Chili Extract Beads that helps dissolve excess fats, get rid of cellulite and firm saggy skin all at the same time.

Rich in Sea Salt essence, the bath gel also gently exfoliates inactive sin cells to brighten skin tone. Moreover, Lactose contents nourish skin through moisturizing, firming and brightening. Experience the result of a new you with flawless firmed skin within 3-4 weeks.

Usage instructions:

Lather up in the shower daily using hands or shower tools and massage. Rinse thoroughly after use.

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