Carnation Footcare Corn Caps Medicated Plasters

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Foot issues can be annoying and uncomfortable to endure. Among the most common foot issues that we might come across are corns, which may appear anywhere on the sole of our foot, or even in between our toes. A high quality corn removal plaster can work wonders to help address corns, and Carnation Footcare Corn Caps Medicated Plasters, invented back in 1922 in England, are still by far, the top choice of discerning consumers. Its active ingredient, which is a measured amount of Salicylic Acid, works by loosening the hardened intracellular structure of a corn so that it may flake away within a period of 10 days. The plaster features a soft, felt corn ring which helps to relieve pressure while the corn is being treated. The self-adhesive straps of the plaster keep it firmly in place, and it is designed to be easily removed without sticking to the skin. Whether it is a soft or hard corn, Carnation Footcare Corn Caps Medicated Plasters treats and removes it effortlessly, earning itself an esteemed award in this category of healthcare essentials.

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