Brahims Spicy Tomato Sauce

Product Details

A spicy ready-to-cook sauce for meat with coconut milk, tomato paste and ginger.

Cooking Instructions :-
1. Heat 10ml oil in a pan and brown 300g diced chicken or beef. Add Brahims Spicy Tomato Sauce with 120ml (1/2cup) water.
2. Cook and stir on medium heat for 15 minutes or until meat is tender.
3. Garnish with quartered tomatoes.
Always check that the product is piping hot before serving.

Ingredients :-
Water, onion palm oil, coconut milk, tomato paste, ginger, salt, garlic, lemon grass, sugar, tamarind, modified tapioca starch, chilli, galangal, yeast extract, maltodextrin, oleoresin chilli and lactose.

  1. Sarah
    156 reviews

    Really made my day

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 6, 2017

    So happy Brahim’s have this wonderful paste to make housewife easier. If I feel so tired to cook, this paste really safe my life. I get a really delicious dish without have to make a lot of effort. So easy to cook and so delicious! For me its quite pricey but hey! if you can feed your family even when you were so tired, of course the price worth it!

  2. AizaMan
    219 reviews

    Kuah masak merah

    3 out of 5, reviewed on June 14, 2017

    Memudahkan tugas di dapur kerana mudah dan cepat disediakan.Kuah masak merah Brahims lengkap dengan rempah dan bahan yang diperlukan.Sedap dan harga mampu milik.

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