Botanical Therapy Baby Lotion Unscented

Product Details


Strengthens the skin barrier by 48-hour moisture persistence

  • Completion on the test concerning moisturizing and its efficiency on protecting skin barrier.
  • All-season usable texture with a refreshing moisturized texture.
  • Hydration-focused formula compared to its cream type
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) green grade.

The most basic moisturizing lotion, contains both hydrating effect on botanic ingredients.

  • The secret ingredient, Leaf-BarrierTM that is origin of Botanical Therapy.
  • Moisturizing benefits from the Sage extract on the package.
  • Promptly feeling  a burst of hydration after applying, refreshing texture without any stickiness.

Competion on overall safesty test

  • No detection on 10-type rick assesment (ex_heavy metal)
  • No detection on issued chemicals such as MIT.CMIT and Dioxane.
  • Completion on Skin Irritation Test (SIT).
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