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What I Wish My Mum Had Told Me About Pregnancy

What I Wish My Mum Had Told Me About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a special moment that brings forth a whole new appreciation for our own mothers. How did they do it back in the day when there were not as many resources readily available? Or was it simpler back then when one doesn’t need to wrestle with so much information overload? Why didn’t they warn us about the things to look out for so that we don’t get overly anxious when we experience it ourselves? We talk to three mothers who shared what they wish their own mums have told them about pregnancy so as to make the journey smoother.

Morning Sickness

“I wish my mom had told me that morning sickness does not mean ‘feeling a bit off in the morning,” said Catrina, a mother of three. Her version was more like a ‘whole-day sickness’ whereby she threw up at any time and anywhere from morning till night, and even during sleep time. “I had to wake up to rush to the restroom at least once each night just to throw up. Nothing helped during this time… I just had to throw up through it all,” she said dolefully.

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So far, this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of my pregnancy with Liv.⁣ ⁣ I experienced very little nausea with Liv and was fine as long as I ate breakfast. This time around, I am nauseous allllll day to the point that daily tasks are hard. The food aversions are ridiculous. One minute I like what I'm eating and the next it makes me gag. ⁣ I know this too shall pass and I am growing an amazing blessing, but if this stage could be over that'd be grrrrreat. ⁣ ⁣ Did you experience constant nausea during your pregnancy? What did you do to help? Eating hasn't helped much, or anything with ginger since I have an aversion to it 😭 ⁣ ⁣ #sendhelp #orapukebag

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Feet Size

Catrina was also taken aback by the transformation on her feet. “I knew that my body will expand during pregnancy but believed that all will return to normal after birth. Not so with my feet,” she sighed. According to Catrina, they swelled up like puffy pillows during the last few months of pregnancy and while the puffiness disappeared after delivery, the size of her feet had increased by half a size. “I started with size 7.5 feet and I am now a size 9 after three kids. Well, it’s a small price to pay for having babies, I guess,” said the proud mama.

During a recent shoe shopping expedition, she discovered that her mom had also experienced the same thing and now have size 10 feet after four kids. “While it is not quite earth-shattering, it goes to show that for every tip she shared with me, there are many others that remain unveiled!”

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Hwei Hong, a mother of two, shared that while her mother imparted many tips to her, there was no compulsion to follow each and every one of them. “I just listened to everything she had to say but didn’t pay much attention back then,” she admitted sheepishly. “The only thing she did not share was the importance of breastfeeding. I guess it wasn’t her thing back then. So my sisters did not practice it and neither did I initially.” She only mastered it after the birth of her second child. “Yeah, I wished I knew about breastfeeding earlier so that my firstborn son could benefit from it, too,” she remarked.

Wish My Mum Had Told Me About Pregnancy

Post-partum Blues

Many mothers battle with postnatal blues but most chose to keep mum about it. Cindy’s mother was no exception.

“I wish my mom had mentioned the fact that postpartum depression was real. I experienced it with all four of my children and had to deal with it alone,” she recalled. It took every ounce of mental and physical strength for Cindy to raise them that she did not even have time to wallow in her feelings.

“In retrospect, not having ample idle time on my hands could be a good or bad thing. I had no idea if my mom ever experienced it and I certainly did not confide in anyone while I was going through it. The only thing that helped during that trying period was knowing that I had to be there for my kids and having the support of my family members. And that everything did become better eventually,” Cindy divulged.

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1 in 7 women will experience Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. That’s higher than the rate of Gestational Diabetes. But many women don’t recognize their symptoms as depression or anxiety and many aren’t screened. If you or a loved one experiences some of the above, reach out to your OBGYN or Pediatrician and ask to be screened. You can also go to Postpartum Support International’s website for help. www.postpartum.net You are not alone. There are effective options for treatment. #flourishingdenvermoms #flourishingindenver

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