What Everybody Should Know About Tiger Milk Mushroom
What Everybody Should Know About Tiger Milk Mushroom
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What Everybody Should Know About Tiger Milk Mushroom

BON Tigrusmune

Did you know that tiger milk mushroom (sclerotia lignosus rhinocerus) is considered as Malaysia’s national treasure as it is highly beneficial, yet incredibly rare? Steeped in medicinal history that spans over 400 years, tiger milk mushroom has been the go-to remedy of our indigenous tribe to treat a variety of ailments including cough, asthma, bronchitis, fever and nausea.

The Power of Tiger Milk Mushroom

SclerotiumIts unique name was derived from a folklore by the indigenous people who believe that these mushrooms grow at the place where a tigress dropped her milk when feeding her cubs. Tiger milk mushroom’s sclerotium is white in colour and even has a milk-like taste, giving credence to their belief that it is really tiger milk!

The medicinal value of the sclerotium that is typically hidden underground makes it a scarce and highly valuable resource.

Here are some of the numerous health benefits of tiger milk mushroom:

1. Strong Immunity

Tiger milk mushroom stimulates the production of human immune cells and triggers an immune response to combat infections. It has been proven to boost immune cells, enhance the body’s ability to resist infection, effectively differentiate and eliminate foreign substances.

2. Rich in Anti-oxidants

Studies have shown that the sclerotia of tiger milk mushroom can help one deal with the daily oxidative stress in the body. This prevents the harsh effects of premature aging.

3. Lung & Respiratory Health

Tiger milk mushroom has been shown effective in treating symptoms related to inflammation such as chronic cough, respiratory problems, as well as nasal and sinus problems.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Tiger milk mushroom can effectively reduce the body’s excessive reaction to allergens, help improve respiratory allergies (asthma, cough), and is beneficial to heavy smokers and people who are exposed to polluted environment. It can also help to relieve joint pain.

chart of anti-inflammatory pattern

The chart above shows that tiger milk mushroom exhibited anti inflammatory activity. The anti-inflammatory pattern was similar to 10mg/kg of Indomethacin, a drug used to treat inflammatory diseases.

5. Illness Buster

The Beta-1,3/1,6- Glucan in the tiger milk mushroom’s sclerotia is a very good immune boosting substance. In the body, Beta glucan helps to modulate immune cells, such as macrophages and neutrophils, which will strengthen the body’s defence against foreign substances.

All in all, tiger milk mushroom is great for your vitality and wellbeing as it improves muscle strength and support active lifestyles.

Experience the Wonders of Tiger Milk Mushroom with BON® TigrusMune™

BON® TigrusMune™ is a natural health supplement that harnesses the goodness of tiger milk mushroom, coupled with Wellmune® Baker’s Yeast, to bring relief for the common cough and cold symptoms. The supplement is high in Beta-1,3/1,6- Glucan, fibre, selenium, potassium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin and Vitamin D.

For the relief of coughs and colds, it is recommended to take one capsule a day after your meal or as directed by the doctor or pharmacist.

Enjoy great vitality and wellbeing with BON® TigrusMune™! If you love BON TigrusMune, leave a review here! For more info, visit their website and Facebook page.

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