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Diaper Rash Be Gone!

Diaper rash is the bane of every mother. It can be caused by many factors including irritation from prolonged exposure to stool and urine on a baby’s sensitive skin. As feces are more irritating than urine, your baby may be more at risk of diaper rash if the baby has frequent bowel movements or diarrhea. Rubbing and chaffing may also cause diaper rash.

topfer diaper rash creamLuckily, German company Topfer (established in 1911) has formulated the Topfer Organic Diaper Rash Cream that offers reliable protection against soreness and relief from diaper rash. Not only does it adheres and covers well, it also repels moisture.

It is made with organic wheat bran extract, organic calendula, organic jojoba oil and 20% zinc oxide and is fragrance-free with a high content of zinc oxide.

By choosing organic and all natural skin care products for your child, you will help reduce the occurrence of rashes, hives and irritation that frequently occur in reaction to personal care products. What’s good for the child is also good for the family and the planet.

Do visit www.topfer.my  for their full range of products and/or purchase them online at www.lazada.com.my/topfer


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