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These Top 5 Cooking Stoves Will Cook Up A Storm

From everyday meals to quick bites, cooking stoves are a symbol of civilization that has been constructed to simplify your busy kitchen tasks. Whether they use gas or electricity, cooking stoves still remain a critical part of any household. Nowadays, there are so many types of brands and designs that it can get hard to choose the best cooking stove for your home. Whether you’re a dedicated chef or an occasional kitchen amateur, if you’re looking for an upgrade the list of top 5 cooking stoves below is sure to come in handy.

Pensonic PGC-22N/23N Gas Cooker

The perfect stove for those on a budget, the Pensonic PGC-22N/23N Gas Cooker is a 100/100mm sized portable gas cooker. It uses an auto ignition system, meaning that there’s no need to worry about using matches or candles to start a fire. In addition, the durable trivet design is tough enough to handle rough treatment – it’ll still work even if you accidentally drop it. The Pensonic PGC also has a double bee hive burner system, allowing you to cook two pots at once. The two cooking spaces are kept far apart to ensure that your cooking doesn’t get too cluttered.

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Pensonic PPG-2002N Portable Gas Cooker

The perfect product to bring on your camping trips, the Pensonic PPG-2002N Portable Gas Cooker is designed to be as convenient and easy to carry around as possible. Suitable for parties, camping, picnics or any other outings, the Pensonic PPG-2002N is a lightweight and robust gas cooker that is excellent for any outdoor cooking.

Weighing at only 1.6kg, the Pensonic PPG-2002N is easily packed away and carried around. It uses a variable flame control system to ensure that the fire is exactly as hot as you need. You don’t need to worry about running out of gas halfway through your trip, either – the Unique Gas Cartridge System uses a special liquid guard that protects against spillages. It is also refillable, so even if you do run out, you simply need to slot in a new canister and fire the stove back up again.

All in all, the Pensonic PPG-2002N Portable Gas Cooker is the perfect thing to bring on any of your outdoor trips. Don’t leave home without it!

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Rinnai Inner Flame Burner Cooker

Made for maximum efficiency, the Rinnai Inner Flame Burner Cooker is a tough, reliable gas cooker that will keep your food nice and hot for years to come.

This stainless steel burner uses a battery ignition system, allowing you to start flames without relying on matches or lighters. In addition, this table top cooker comes with a detachable top plate that allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Rinnai Inner Flame Burner Cooker is part of Rinnai’s Greennovation Series. With the high heat efficiency of the inner burner, this stove is designed to save gas and cooking time by reducing heat loss and energy usage. More than 10% gas is saved compared to the minimum requirements set by local authorities.

In addition, the Rinnai Inner Flame has an intensive flame focus, allowing you to really turn up the heat and cook your food faster then ever. Don’t need to worry, though – the Rinnai Inner Flame also contains an auto gas cut-off safety device to ensure your family’s safety and security.

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Elba EGCC9703G(SS) 3-Burner Gas Cooker with 70L Gas Oven Stainless Steel

A more heavy duty stove, the Elba 3-Burner Gas Cooker is designed to serve as the heart of your kitchen.

It contains a full sized 70L gas oven, allowing you to roast, bake, and otherwise heat up dishes as needed. The full gas oven makes use of a SABAF Safety Device to ensure your family’s safety. The Elba 3-Burner Gas Cooker also contains a gas cylinder compartment so that you can refill the gas stores once they run out.

The stainless steel body is durable and long lasting, allowing you to keep cooking for many years to come. In addition, the Elba 3-Burner Gas Cooker uses an automatic electric ignition device to start its fires. No need for matches here!

While it’s meant to be used indoors, the Elba 3-Burner Gas Cooker is also portable enough to be taken outside occasionally in order to provide outdoor service.

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Midea Induction Cooker C20-RTW2003

Midea Single Induction Cooker C20-RTW2003 allows you to cook a variety of dishes in a jiffy. It’s bound to come in handy – especially when your LPG cylinder runs out, or when you have many dishes to cook and your gas stove alone is not sufficient.

The Midea Single Induction Cooker provides perfect cooking with its 2000 W high power heating. It uses 10 power levels for different cooking needs, giving you greater precision and control over how much heat is applied to your food. There is also a 3-hour timer installed, enabling you to set up stews, soups, and other such long-cooking dishes ahead of time.

Apart from that, the Midea Induction Cooker is also designed to be simple and easy to use. It uses an intuitive touch panel design which makes it easier to set up just the way you like it. You also get perfect control over the heat through the use of its slide touch control. In addition, the bright digital LED timer on the front of the device makes it much easier to identify when your food is ready to be served.

The Midea Induction Cooker also has a number of convenient safety features to ensure that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible. It uses an automatic safety shut-off switch which turns off the cooker the moment it detects overheating, electrical surges and improper voltage. The device also has a Child Lock mechanism – Simply press the “+” and “-” buttons to lock the key, and press and hold the power button to release the child lock.

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