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Top 3 Best Microwave Ovens That Are Sure To Heat Up Your Kitchen

If you don’t like getting stuck with cold, limp meals, you might want to look for a good quality microwave oven. While a basic supermarket microwave oven will reheat a cup of coffee or reheat a sandwich, the taste of your food will be affected by the low quality, uneven heating.

And a decent microwave isn’t just about reheating leftovers — a great microwave oven should be able to turn out steamed veggies, baked potatoes and crispy bacon that’ll rival the cooking results you get from your range (and it’ll do it faster, too). All in all, a good quality microwave oven is a must have device for any modern household. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 microwave ovens below.

Elba EO-5086 Electric Oven 50L

Everyone needs to eat and fill our stomach with food but then we’re too lazy to whip something up because cooking is such a hassle. From preparing the ingredients, to cooking it and cleaning the aftermath – sometimes one would rather starve than having to go through all that. However with Elba electric oven, everyone can cook!

Whether you’re baking, roasting, toasting, or grilling, Elba electric oven is sure to simplify your everyday life. You can improve your eating lifestyle and opt for the less oil with Elba electric oven. With 4 heating method – top, bottom, top and bottom and side, you can make sure your food is heated the way you want it too. And you won’t need to worry even if you’re a forgetful person – the Elba electric oven has timer installed to make sure your food won’t be burned.

Elba electric oven is energy efficient and takes less time to reach the temperature demanded of them. The combination of efficient fans and a scientific structure with these heating elements ensures that power source are used efficiently to produce thorough and even cooking. Hence, your cooking time is reduced by half with Elba electric oven.

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Pensonic PMW-2003 Microwave Oven

Every house deserves only the most reliable and trusted appliances to be your faithful companion and helper. Pensonic’s electrical appliances will do just that. Whether you are having friends or family over for dinner or simply want to treat yourself to simple yet delicious jammies, you can always depend on Pensonic PMW-2003 Microwave Oven to get the job done.

The Pensonic PMW-2003 Microwave Oven will make your life easier by helping you to warm up, heat and cook simple food. The Pensonic PMW-2003 Microwave Oven has a 0-30 minute switch off timer and 6 microwave power levels so that you can choose the ideal time and power setting depending on the food that you wish to heat up. The oven is made with a push button door and cooking end signal for your convenience.

Modern is made so much easier with the Pensonic PMW-2003 Microwave Oven. It comes with a glass plate that is removable and a turning ring. You just need to place whatever the food it is that you want to heat or cook on the glass ring and you will be able to hot meals within a few minutes. The oven only needs 700W to produce simple and hot goodies.

Pensonic has been a pioneer in the electrical home appliances market and is one of the most successful and reputable enterprise in Malaysia. Pensonic understands the value through development, effective management and innovation in order to create products that are great to consumers. Pensonic is committed in manufacturing quality products to the consumers because of their professionalism and expertise to be active in all aspects of the business whilst offering competitive pricing and reliability. Pensonic is always striving for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology to create customer value in their wide variety of products and service.

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Samsung Convertion Oven SAM-MC455

Open the oven door to more cooking possibilities.

The Samsung Convertion Oven has 6 different modes: Microwave, Grill, Convection, Microwave + Grill, Microwave + Convection, and Grill + Convection

The various convenient cooking modes simplify cooking and help reduce energy. These modes help you get dinner on the table faster without sacrificing flavor or texture. For example, use the Microwave + Convection mode to cook a chicken in less time than a conventional oven, while crisping the skin. The diverse and convenient cooking modes help reduce energy usage too.

Baking bread or pizza, or making yogurt? You no longer need to search for a safe, warm and draft-free place where your dough can rise, or your yogurt can ferment. The Contrabass Convection Oven features Fermentation Mode, which ensures perfect, even, low-warm temperatures that can aide—and even hasten—the fermentation process. Get great results for your pizza crusts, braided rolls or tasty skyr.

The Samsung Convertion Over is also designed to be easy to use – and easier to clean. Ceramic enamel serves as an easy-to-clean, hygienic, and durable interior. The exceptionally smooth inside surface makes it effortless to wipe off grease and oil, and the benefits of the ceramic enamel have been certified by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany, because it inhibits bacteria. Ceramic enamel is scratch-and rust-resistant and unlike plastic, it doesn’t discolor due to high-cooking temperatures or excessive cleaning. Antimicrobial properties are built-in or applied as a coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect this product.

Apart from that, the oven also helps you to cook your food to perfection. Food freshness and oven type — microwave, convection, grill, or a combination — are two factors that can affect a recipe’s cooking time, often leading to guesswork. Samsung’s SmartSensor technology automatically detects the humidity level of your food, and then sets the optimal cooking time and power. Whether you’re roasting a chicken, heating a frozen dinner, or cooking fresh vegetables, dishes come out perfectly each and every time.

So why wait any longer? Bring a Samsung Convertion Oven SAM-MC455 back home today!

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